Meeting people where they are and walking together to where Christ wants us to be.

In Mark 6:36, Jesus instructs his disciples when they are faced with a hungry crowd of 5,000 by saying “…’You give them something to eat.'” In the previous verse, the disciples wanted to send the people away so they could find food for themselves. But that’s not what Jesus wanted. He used the crowd of hungry people to show his providence and willingness to use whatever we have to bring to the table.

Feeding 5,000 is the title of our campaign to build a new dining hall because God calls us to feed others not just with food but spiritually.


Opportunity for Growth

Camp’s dining hall has served the ministry well since 1969, but it was never designed to be used year round and this limits its effectiveness. Keeping the building running and serving all year becomes more difficult with each year. This new facility will be energy efficient and comfortable, while also being a place for people to come together to share meals and fellowship. This new dining hall will be a place where the ministry of PLCBC will continue to thrive through community centered on the love of Jesus Christ. The estimated cost is $3 million. With your help, the new building can be ready to serve in 2020!


Want to get involved?

Contact us at (231) 889-5911, or email You can donate online now by clicking here! Your support is endlessly appreciated!