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New Member Information


Membership in Christ Community Church is open to all persons, without regard to race, color, national origin, or economic condition, who have made a personal profession of faith in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.  In addition, each member is asked to meet the following membership requirements:


1. Following participation in a “new member’s class”, such new members shall be admitted into the fellowship of the church by: public profession of faith, church letter of transfer, or reaffirmation of faith;

2. Baptized in the faith: sprinkled, poured or by total immersion, is a prerequisite for all church members, child or adult baptism accepted;

3. All members must “own the covenant” of the church.  Christ Community Church practices an annual renewable church membership.  On Covenant Sunday (the Sunday immediately following Easter), the congregation is invited to renew their membership for one year by signing the church’s Covenant Book – this is referred to as “owning the covenant”; and

4. Each member must make a commitment to support Christ Community Church with his/her prayers, presence, gifts and service, as God gives each grace.


It is the desire and prayer of Christ Community Church that all members will take full advantage of any and all opportunities to grow spiritually.  Church members are encouraged to:

1. Model a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled lifestyle.

2. Regularly attend worship services when able.

3. Discover and exercise their spiritual gifts in ministry.

4. Give joyously and generously of their time, talent and tithe to the church.

5. Pray regularly for the needs of the body and the world.

6. Serve as needs arise within the church.


All who attend Christ Community Church should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in regards to church membership.  Those who, for their own reason, do not make the commitment to “own the covenant” are considered Friends of the Church and are encouraged to regularly attend worship and participate in study opportunities.  Friends of the Church may attend and observe the activities of congregational meetings but only church members are granted the privilege of voting and standing for election to a Ministry Team.  Church members under 18 years of age must, in accordance with Michigan Corporate Law, refrain from voting on the purchase or sale of real estate; the calling or dismissing of church staff members; and election of church leaders.


Membership in Christ Community Church shall/may be withdrawn when a member:

1.  Requests a letter of transfer to another church.

2.  Dies.

3.  Fails to renew annual membership.

4.  Requests through the Elders Ministry Team that membership be terminated.

5.  Unites with another congregation without requesting a letter of transfer.

The congregation shall be informed, through the church’s written annual report, of those members who are removed from the membership roll.


A.Children and the Church

The Covenant has traditionally believed that parents who are in full communion with a Covenant Church may choose to either have their children baptized or dedicated.  If baptism is delayed until such time as the child is of mature age, the child may be dedicated to God in a service of presentation of infants.  Baptism or dedication is also appropriate for the children of nonmembers when Christian sponsors stand along side and take the vows with the parents or at least one parent.  The parents and sponsors take direct responsibility for the Christian training of the child.  The congregation joins in the vows since the whole Church is the community where the child matures and grows spiritually.  The pastor should carefully review the service and spiritual implications of both baptism and dedication, making sure that the significance of both is understood by all concerned.

Parents are also encouraged to allow their children to participate in the “owning of the covenant” by signing or printing their names in the church’s covenant book on Covenant Sunday.  All Baptized or Dedicated children along with those who sign the church’s covenant book shall be retained as Preparatory Members in the church until this status is terminated by: reception into full membership after a proper course of church membership training.  The Preparatory Membership roll shall be updated each year with names of children/youth maintained on this roll until they reach their eighteenth birthday.

B.Youth and the Church

Youth (teens) are encouraged to participate in the “owning of the covenant” by signing their names in the church’s covenant book on Covenant Sunday.  All youth are also encouraged to attend the church’s confirmation (Youth Disciples) class and/or a church membership class.  Youth, under 18 years of ago, who are full members of the church have all rights and responsibilities of church membership with the exception of those indicated in CONGREGATIONAL MEMBERSHIP.


Service Times


10:15 AM


Our main campus is located at:

3370 113th Ave

Allegan, MI 49010

Feel free to swing in and chat with us at anytime. We love to have visitors. 

About Us

We have an amazing staff that works together to give our visitors the best experience possible. We strive to build a comfortable enviornment for people to grow closer to God. 

Contact Us

We love hearing from you. Feel free to email us whenever you have a question or comment about anything that is going on around here. You can email about anything. Need to know more about our ministries? Or need to connect with the Pastor?  Give us a shout!


Women's Bible Club 

We invite you to attend our Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study. There is joy and contentment in studying God's Word and applying it to our life's difficulties and situations. We discuss topics and study books by different authors and have a blessed time. Please join us on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM

Men's Breakfast

Join Earl (the Chef) and the rest of the men of CCC for breakfast every 4th Saturday at 8:00 AM. You can enjoy a fantastic homecooked meal, the Word of God and prayer for all.

Youth Ministry

Youth group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Youth Building, for more information - Contact our Youth Leader


We are a church on fire for God and we are not afraid to show it.

When you walk through our doors we hope that you feel a rush of hope, peace, and joy. We are a group of individuals that are on fire for God and we are excited to spread the word.  It is our hope that you can experience everything that our service offers. We want you to engage in converstion with our visitors. We want you to take advantage of our cafe and lounge. It is a mission of ours to give you the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ is the most comfortable way possible. When you visit you can expect to learn about God and create loving relationships.


  • With Founding Pastor, G. Patrick White, a group of 70 friends met on December 7, 1993 and discussed the possibility of gathering a new congregation in the Allegan area.  The major focus of this group was to develop a non-traditional and culturally relevant Christian fellowship for the many in our community and surrounding area who were seeking to focus energy and resources on ministry and missions and who wanted to share the story of Jesus Christ with family and friends.  A free-flowing contemporary worship style was to be developed which would include:  chancel drama, mix of praise music and traditional music and a greater level of congregational participation.  This group also indicated a need to develop small study and prayer groups which would emphasize and encourage a high level of personal piety, we wanted to “walk the talk”.

    In a flurry of activity, following the initial December gathering, plans were made for the group’s first worship service set for Sunday, January 23, 1994 at the Allegan County Development Center (currently Hillside Learning and Behavior Center).  This was truly a day of celebrating God’s faithfulness as over 200 interested friends gathered for the church’s very first Sunday worship.

    In November of 1994 the congregational, then less than a year old, contracted to purchase 20 acres of prime land on the southwest outskirts of Allegan (3370 113th Avenue) for future building site.  Through the sacrificial giving of the church family and a $25,000 gift received from the Great Lakes Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), the ten year land contract was paid off, in a mere 9 months!

    In June of 1995 after much prayerful research and study, entered into fellowship with the Evangelical Covenant Churches of America, where we remain today.

    March of 1996 in the midst of one of Michigan’s snowstorms, the congregation along with  Covenant Church and community leaders gathered at the building site for a ground breaking ceremony.  During the next 9 months members of the congregation along with friends from Mobil Ministries Assistance Program (retired Christian buildings) provided most of the labor on the project.  The new meetinghouse includes a sanctuary that seats 350, a fellowship hall, kitchen, office suite, library, several restrooms, spacious nursery and toddler areas, Sunday School class space, as well as a youth building with restrooms and an amphitheater that would eventually seat several hundred.

    On Christmas Eve 1996 the congregation celebrated their first worship service in their new facility!!!  This was truly an evening to remember.  In the years that have followed, members of the congregation worked to complete the landscaping of the church grounds and add a building to house our food pantry ministry, “The Vine”.