Below we have a list of all of the ministries that we offer and support here at Christ Community Church.

The Vine Food Pantry

Christ Community Church has been providing a food ministry to the community and surrounding area for the past several years. More recently CCC, aided by the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, built a building on the church campus which is totally dedicated to our food ministry.

In addition, we have become a Love In the Name of Christ (LOVE INC) networking church. The food pantry, or "The Vine", is open on Tuesdays 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm and Thursdays 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. All those who wish to receive food must first register by calling LOVE INC at 269-751-2533 (located at First Baptist Church on M-40).

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf

The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf operates three schools on  the island of Jamaica. They are residential facilities that allows us to bring in the rural deaf that would otherwise not have access to the  gospel of Jesus Christ or to a language, basic education or vocational  training.

Vision statement:
That none will leave our care without a  language, an education, a skill and a personal knowledge that Jesus Christ is  Lord.
Mission Statement:
The  Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf is a ministry that brings the  gospel of  Jesus Christ to the deaf of Jamaica. Through this ministry we  will teach the deaf a language, provide a basic education, train in  vocational areas, mentor and encourage the leaders and promote outreach, community, worship, and continuing education.

Love I.N.C.

Love Inc is a strategy to help churches help their neighbors in need. It is a network of churches that links volunteers to people in need and a cooperative effort between churches and service  agencies to provide effective help for those in need. It is also a vehicle that helps churches, collectively and individually, fulfill their biblical mandate to reach out to the poor and needy.

Additonally, Love Inc helps people in need by providing resources and teaching life skills to transform lives, in both short and long term ways, and by sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ and growing in a relationship with Him. Love INC helps the community by bringing people together in caring relationships an making referrals to, and networking with, other helping agencies.

Love INC's mission statement is working to support Christians in bringing God's love and caring into our communities by mobilizing churches to meet the unmet needs of individuals and families. In doing this we will seek to know God better, to demonstrate the power of Jesus' love, to witness to the only source that can make us effective: the love that God has for all people.

D.O.O.R. International

DOOR was founded in 1983 as a ministry dedicated to the training of Deaf leaders and the establishing of indigenous Deaf churches.  DOOR merged with United World Mission in September of 1995. In July of 1999 it was registered as a not-for-profit organization called D.O.O.R. International (Deaf Opportunity OutReach). From 1999 to 2006, DOOR trained 302 Deaf people from 48 countries in one-year Deaf Christian Leadership Training programs.  These Deaf believers learned God's Word in a Deaf context, using Chronological Bible Storying. From 2006 to the present, DOOR has been focusing more on translating God's Word into the Sign Languages of the world, as a necessary step towards Deaf church planting.

DOOR's vision is to bring God's Word and reproducing Christian fellowship to the Deaf of the world. The hallmark of DOOR's ministry is that it is created, designed, and carried out by godly Deaf men and women, in the context of Deaf culture and language. DOOR is all about Deaf reaching Deaf for Jesus Christ.

DOOR, with God's help, will... Establish an international sign language Bible translation program and develop resources and curriculum for Deaf Christian leaders. Establish training programs for Deaf Christian leaders, Deaf translators and Bible translation consultants. Establish evangelism, discipleship and church-planting programs led by Deaf believers (2-by-2). Establish indigenous, Deaf-led, self-supporting and reproducing Deaf believers' fellowships. Establish national and international associations that promote evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, growth and reproduction of Deaf believers' fellowships. Establish resources and programs that encourage and enhance Deaf language and culture.

Portage Lake Bible Camp

Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp is a community that invests in the lives of others. We believe that our unique camp environment is an ideal setting for our guests to experience Christ-centered learning and living. Since 1946, Portage Lake has been synonymous with changing lives. Our exciting camp programs are just the thing for children, families and young adults. Portage Lake’s conference facilities and Retreat Center are ideal for reunions, school groups, retreats, business meetings, worship gatherings, conferences and much more. Our hope is that Portage Lake will become an uplifting and integral part of your group’s development.

Portage Lake is set along the beautiful, wooded shoreline of northwest Michigan. The over 60-acre property includes a private sandy beach, 40 acres of trails and adventure courses, as well as our numerous meeting and lodging facilities. Northern Michigan provides all ranges of weather conditions for our guests to play in, and each season brings new activities with it.  We enjoy tailoring our services to meet the needs of your group.

It is our desire that our guests are presented with the Truth and leave camp hungry for a deeper spiritual walk and significance.  We want people to see Jesus for who He really is and challenge Christians to impact the cultures around them. Most importantly, we want to make you feel comfortable, informed and at ease, so that God can do His work!

Mark & Rose Mowery


Mark was saved as a senior in high school during a chapel service led by his soccer coach.  Growing up, their church always had missionaries who would come and speak, telling of the work they were in and challenging them to go into missions.  His family was also involved in supporting missionaries in Alaska by doing work projects. After he was saved, he had the opportunity to work at several youth camps, which included the use of aviation to transport supplies and kids.  This helped spark his interest in mission aviation.  He felt God calling him into full-time Christian ministry in the area of mission aviation over the next year (1990-91).  He got side tracked and got away from the Lord for several years.  When God brought him back to Himself, he still felt that He was calling him into missions.  God led him to Moody Bible Institute to pursue Missionary Aviation.

Rose was saved at the age of 5.  Her dad lead her to the Lord after Sunday school.  She grew up doing missions projects at church, and listening to missionary speakers on a regular basis.  During junior high and high school, a couple of her friends’ families went to Brazil for a year to teach at an MK school.  God used their testimonies, His Word, along with the awareness of the needs in other countries to give her a desire to serve Him full-time in mission work.  She pursued a degree at Moody Bible Institute.

. . .and this is where God brought them together.  After they were married in 1997, they continued to pursue God’s call into missions.  Mark completed Moody’s flight and maintenance program, graduating in 2001 and 2002.  They headed to Alaska to see if this was where God would have them to serve.  After spending about a year and a half there, God seemed to be closing that door for them.  But, the same time He closed that door, He opened another. . . God led them to New Tribes Mission while Mark was on a short-term mission trip to PNG in 2004.    God has gifted their family with the gift of Service and Encouragement, which are the areas they desire to use to serve Him wherever He places them.

They served with NTM in both Senegal, W. Africa, and in Papua New Guinea.  However, they knew there was a reason that God had laid missions in Alaska on their hearts.  He’s given them a passion for this type of ministry, and they are looking forward to being in Alaska, serving Him by serving others.    They are excited to see how God will use all of the things He’s taught them while overseas, to help encourage those in the villages of Alaska.

God has blessed them with three very active boys!  Nathanael (2003), and Brendon was (2004), and Alex (2011).  God has chosen to bless us with one more, due to arrive in May 2013.  It is exciting to see God working in the lives of each of them, and how He is molding them to become more like HIM.