For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11


As we continue in the church Vitality pathway we take our next step. Many of you participated in Veritas. We have looked at the ten Missional Markers or foundational pillars of a healthy church. We are currently getting feedback on the rough draft of our Behavioral Covenant. If you haven't had that opportunity, please look at this Sunday's insert and give us your input on the Behavioral Covenant. Finally, we’ll bring Phase One of the Vitality Pathway to a close as we host the EPIC seminar on Sat, March 17, from 9am-3pm.


What is EPIC?  Veritas provided the language, EPIC provides the how-to. As a follow-up workshop to Veritas, EPIC talks about the spirituality, chemistry, and strategy of leading healthy missional change, and equips the CCC congregation with the necessary tools to bring about positive change.


EPIC also explores our strengths and growth areas. Pastor Chad Benkert who led us through Veritas will be back to help us think through the process of change sequentially from beginning to end. The seminar does not tell churches what to change, but how to change… and how to change in a way that is gracious, compassionate, and Christ-honoring.


EPIC is for  the entire congregation but is specifically designed for church leadership. It is for those who want to dream big and trust a big God as He leads us into the future. Whether young or old, new to the church or a long-time partner in ministry we need you there. Again, the seminar will be taught at CCC on Saturday, March 17, from 9am–3 pm.


Please be praying for the event. Pray, too, for Pastor Chad as he leads us. Pray for our Vitality team which consists of: Dan Burns, Michael Burns, Dennis Festerling, Eli Festerling, John Irwin, Corlyn Oetman, and Linda Wierenga. Most of all, pray that the Spirit of God will guide as He leads us into the future.