Taking Our Pulse - 05/29/2018


     The next step in our Vitality Pathway is an assessment called PULSE. To help all of us to better understand PULSE, the following is taken directly from our denominational literature:


A Vitality Assessment Tool

     It is our prayer that every Covenant church becomes a Healthy Missional church. By “healthy” we mean pursuing Christ. By “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. Awareness and acceptance of one’s current reality is an important step in becoming a healthy missional church. Admitting the truth is the first step toward change.


     To that end, we’ve developed Pulse:


        · P rovides awareness of current reality

        · U pdates progress every two years

        · L inks the church more closely with the mission and message of Jesus

        · S uggests next steps

        · E ncourages spiritual discernment


     Based on your church’s results from the Pulse assessment and various other factors, and depending on the Holy Spirit for discernment, we provide recommendations and next steps to become a healthy missional church.


     Beginning the weekend of June 17th and continuing through the weekend of July 8th, everyone who has signed the Covenant Book or is a regular attender will have an opportunity to complete a helpful and informative questionnaire. Most will simply go on-line and complete the assessment. Those who are not comfortable with computers and others who would simply like assistance can come to church to complete the assessment tool. Each Sunday or by appointment there will be folks at CCC to assist others with PULSE. We would like everyone from teens on up to complete the survey. So, as June 17 approaches, be watching for an email that will give instructions to go to the website and/or watch for the sign-up sheets to reserve a time to take PULSE at church.


     In conjunction with PULSE this Sunday, June 3rd, we will begin our summer sermon series on the Book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is all about following God's direction as he/we build for the future. An exciting addition to the series is that we will be partnering with Kalamazoo Covenant Church as we progress through the book. Kalamazoo Covenant is at the same place in the Vitality Pathway as we are. Pastor Dave Beethum and I will exchange pulpits at least once during the series.


     So watch for details on PULSE and read chapter 1 of Nehemiah in anticipation of this Sunday.