Synergy in the Great Lakes Conference (GLC) - 04/24/2018


Last week I was out of the office to participate in two things. First, I earned a continuing education cred-it. Four per year are required by our denomination.
Then I traveled to Jamestown, New York, for the Conference Ministerial Meeting and the GLC Annual Meeting. I came away from the meeting with an over-whelming knowledge that eighty-some churches work-ing together create amazing synergy. As individual churches we can accomplish great things but working together and pooling our resources we accomplish even more for the Kingdom. Most likely, none of us know anyone in Nashville, Tennessee or Elkins, West Virginia. However, we now have countless nameless friends in both locations.
The Annual Meeting introduced us to new friends at new Covenant Churches - churches that we helped start! Part of every dollar received on a Sunday morn-ing goes to the GLC. Part of what they received started four new churches this year. Nashville (TN), Elkins (WV), Richmond (KY), and Auburn Hills (MI) now have Covenant Churches. Lives are being changed. People are coming to Jesus. Synergy!!!
The GLC came to the aid of Flint (MI) during their water crisis and sent teams to Puerto Rico to help them rebuild. During the meeting we were introduced to four pastors who will be ordained this year. We heard testimonies of God's work in the inner city of Detroit. We were excited to hear that the Covenant is one of the most ethnically diverse denominations in the Unit-ed States. There are currently eight churches walking through the Vitality Pathway with us. The GLC funds Vitality. Attending the meeting fired me up because we were a part of every report that was given. Synergy!!! Next year's meeting will be in Novi, Michigan. My hope is that we'll send a full slate of delegates so that they too can come back excited about what God is doing in and though the churches of the GLC.