Summer Blessings - 05/15/2018


         I can sense it! The leaves are coming out. Trees and flowers are blooming. Kids are getting antsy for school to let out and the class of 2018 has Senioritis. Best of all, the weather has FINALLY warmed up. With summer just around the corner I want to use this week’s article to remind you to be a BLESSing to others. Remember the Lenten series about fifteen months ago? Our denomination challenged us with a new evangelism strategy called BLESS. It's the type of evangelism that each of us can participate in without fear and without guilt.  We know that God has always sought to reach and restore the world through blessing.  Since the time of Abraham, God has blessed his people so that we might bless those who do not know him. BLESS is an intentional pathway for persons of all ages who follow Jesus to become like Jesus and join the mission of Jesus. 


We talked about this new approach to prayer and evangelism in order to reach those whom God has placed in our lives. God has placed various people in our lives for a reason. He calls us to BLESS our neighbor, our family, our colleagues and others in our circle of influence. It’s less about downloading information or memorizing scripts and more about loving our neighbors well.  BLESS is an acronym that stands for:


· Begin with prayer

· Learn to Listen

· Eat with them spending time together

· Serve them

· Share your Story when the time is right


At the culmination to the series, we each listed the names of those God was (and still is) leading us to BLESS. Those 400 names sit at the foot of the cross.


With summer approaching and new routines about to be established, it is the perfect time to invite those on your list to worship with us. Each of us can apply the five simple practices with those in our spheres of influence. It could happen over coffee, at the beach, while out for ice cream, or on a walk. Our goal is to help them travel closer in their journey toward making faith commitments to Jesus.  I encourage the entire CCC family to daily remember the list of those you are praying for, listening to, eating with, serving, and sharing your story with.  

As we seek to authentically BLESS others daily, in the midst of your deepening relationships with the people in your life, I believe God will use each of us to bless our world through Christ. Be a BLESSing by inviting someone to hear the Good News.